Solo Sites Closing


Welcome to Teen Cover Girls! is a continuation website of TeenBeautyFitness/YoungFitnessModels, here is our schedule:

  • Mondays: New Picture Set.

  • Tuesdays: New 1080p (And 4K) Video.

  • Thursdays: New Picture Set or 1080p (And 4K) Video.

  • Saturdays: Bonus Day – One Extra Update.  Bonus Levels will be added eventually and your level(s) from our other sites will be transferred.

At the end of each 30 days of your TeenCoverGirls subscription (activates on day 32) you will receive bonus account funds on TeenModels4Bitcoin (20-40$).  The first bonus account funds will be 20$, then it will go up to 25,30,35 then 40 if your account stays active.  Make sure to use the same email address on TM4B and TCG to receive the account funds automatically.

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